Terms of use

Our online store SPMOTORSPORTS.GR welcomes you!


SPMOTORSPORTS.GR (VAT 138741517), was founded in 2020, with the store at the 3rd km Serres - Thessaloniki,

the company that created the website www.spmotorsports.gr, offers its services under the following terms of use, which the visitor/user of the website pages is invited to read carefully and to visit/use the pages/services of www.spmotorsports.gr only if he/she accepts them in full.


In accordance with Directive 2013/11/EC, which was incorporated in Greece by means of Directive 70330/2015, the possibility of electronic resolution of consumer disputes through the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure is now provided for throughout the European Union. If the customer has the status of a consumer (i.e. a natural person acting outside his/her professional capacity) and has any problem with a purchase made from our Website, he/she can initiate the ADR procedure through the single pan-European platform for the electronic dispute resolution (EDR platform) available at https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.chooseLanguage

Finally, SPMOTORSPORTS has adapted under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your personal data is not communicated to any third party!


This Code concerns rules applicable to electronic commerce. Products and services to consumers in Greece and/or abroad, comply with legal procedures against direct or indirect remuneration by electronic means at a distance and at the personal choice of the consumer. In the following link you will find detailed information on the Consumer Code of Conduct for E-Commerce.


The General Terms and Conditions of use of the website and purchase of products/services of our e-shop (hereinafter "Terms of Use") presented and analysed below, define the terms and conditions of your browsing our website and use of this website and our e-shop and govern the sales contract concluded between us for the purchase of products from our e-shop.

Before entering our online store we invite you to consult our Terms of Use and make sure that you agree with them. If you disagree with any of these Terms of Use, you must not take any action on our online store, including simply browsing it. However, any action you take in our online store, such as browsing our online store, subscribing to our newsletter service or purchasing our products, shall be deemed to be an unconditional acceptance of these Terms of Use.


The online store SPMOTORSPORTS.GR offers the opportunity for internet users to buy a wide range of authentic products at competitive prices. Our online store displays, promotes and markets the products of its suppliers. The company selects at its sole discretion the products to be presented to the consumer through SPMOTORSPORTS.GR as well as to renew and/or withdraw them, at any time, without justification and without prior notice of any kind.

Finally, the pricing policy of the company and the methods of promotion of its products, through offers and / or discounts, is determined exclusively by the company and may make modifications at any time, without prior notice in any way.


SPMOTORSPORTS.GR cooperates with dozens of suppliers, importers and manufacturers from Greece and abroad, in order to offer you a wide range of products at the most competitive market prices.

Orders are completed in a specific series of steps, which are described in detail below. There is a possibility that a product that appears available on our website may not be available or delivered within the delivery time indicated on SPMOTORSPORTS.GR. This may occur because physical stores operate in the same business. Therefore, in order for you to be fully informed about the progress of the order you have registered and protected from any such cases, the completion of your order is implemented through the following steps:

2.1 Sending a request for processing

We recommend that before placing your first order, you register as a user of SPMOTORSPORTS.GR in order to make it easier for the staff of our online store to serve you. The steps you need to follow in order to place your order are listed below:

  • Select the product(s) and add them to the "shopping cart"
  • Go to "shopping cart"
  • Fill in all the details of your order request, which appear on the order form
  • Submit/enter an order

Check the email address you have provided us with to receive an automated message of your order. This message contains the details of the order request and a copy will be sent to our company.

Each time you send our company a request for an order, you must have previously accepted these terms of use, which govern all transactions between us in their entirety.

Do not forget that your requests are received by our company subject to the express reservation of a thorough check of the availability of the products included in your order request, since at this stage our company has not yet started processing your request.

Finally, we inform you that our company follows a strict policy of protection of your personal data and only with your explicit consent (granted by sending the form) are collected and processed in the most secure and diligent way.

2.2 Processing an order request

At this stage, our company is thoroughly checking the availability of all the products mentioned in your order request.

In the event that there is no availability of any of the items you have ordered and/or a product may not be available within the delivery time indicated in our online store, then our company's partner will contact you by phone or e-mail in order to inform you of the unavailability.

If for any reason neither of the above two communications is possible for a period of 5 days after sending your order request, then your request is automatically cancelled and you will have to send a new request to us again.

2.3 Telephone Orders

If you choose to place your order by telephone, you must be aware of these terms and conditions.

With the final entry of your order by our service department, you automatically implicitly accept all terms and conditions.


For the payment of the products you are interested in buying, you can choose among the ways proposed by our company.

First you decide which payment procedure suits you. Then you select the corresponding payment method in the appropriate section of the order request form and finally enter your necessary details.

We remind you that our company follows a strict policy of protection of your personal data and all the payment details you send us are collected and processed with full security and diligence and only after your consent provided with the sending of your order request. With regard to payments using a credit card, our company, in cooperation with the National Bank of Greece, takes all necessary security measures to ensure maximum protection in your electronic transactions. Our company uses the SSL protocol with a key size of 2048Bits and sha256RSA algorithm, where it provides maximum security in the communication between electronic payment systems.


The available payment methods are as follows:

4.1 Cash on delivery method

Your order is sent to the address you choose when you register it and you pay upon receipt. When the employee of the partner courier company comes to your place to deliver the parcel, you pay cash for the value of your order. It is clarified that the parcel is accepted as long as the package is not damaged or opened. You are therefore not entitled to open the parcel before the courier has received it. Finally, we would like you to know that the cash on delivery service is free of charge for all orders!

Tax documents of a total value of five hundred (500) euros or more, issued for the sale of goods or provision of services to individuals, based on paragraph 3 of article 20 of Law No. 3842/2010, shall be paid by their recipients, purchasers of goods or services, exclusively through the use of card or other electronic means of payment, such as, but not limited to, bank transfer, payment through a payment account, use of electronic purse. Payment of these items in cash is not permitted.

4.2 Payment by Credit Card

You can use your credit card. The credit cards we currently support are Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro. SPMOTORSPORTS.GR has entered into an agreement with Piraeus Bank to use their system in order to ensure you the highest possible level of security in your credit card transactions!

We would also like you to know that Piraeus Bank uses one of the most modern security standards worldwide, having incorporated the SHA-2 encryption algorithm in the digital certificates of its websites.

4.3 Payment by bank deposit

In this case you will have to deposit the total amount of your order to one of the following bank accounts. We remind you that in order to successfully complete your order you must send us the proof of the deposit (photo, screenshot, etc.) to spyros@spmotorsports.gr

Piraeus Bank


Account number: 5256100500704

Account in the form of IBAN: GR68 0172 2560 0052 5610 0500 704

4.4 Payment via PAYPAL

PayPal provides third party payment services. It is regulated and regulated by the Financial Services Authority of Great Britain - FSA and securely facilitates the processing of a transaction by disclosing to the counterparties only the information necessary to complete the transaction. Setting up a PayPal account is free, as is transferring money from your PayPal account to your bank account. The possibilities of the service are many and great, such as sending and receiving money from anyone for free and also shopping at PayPal contracted stores. The overriding goal of our company is the security of electronic transactions and PayPal's specifications meet our policy. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can create one for free by visiting the following link


Simultaneously with the confirmation of your order, our company informs you about the estimated delivery time of the products you have chosen, which depends on the area you have chosen to have the products shipped to you.

The order will be sent to you by our company or by a carrier of our absolute choice, during working days and hours Monday to Friday 09:00 - 19:00.

Our company is not responsible for any delays due to force majeure or events beyond its control. Our company is not responsible for causes of delivery delays due to delays at customs, intermediate loading/unloading areas, transport strikes or other types of strikes affecting the delivery of products to our company's warehouses by our suppliers, etc.

In any case of any delay, our company will make every effort to contact you at the details you have provided, in order to inform you and to arrange with you for the new delivery or the delivery of another product.

Although our company takes every possible measure to respond to your need for information in relation to the unavailability of a product, it is possible that there may be an unexpected shortage or unavailability of the product from our suppliers even after your order has been confirmed. In this case, our company will again make every effort to contact you at the details you have provided in order to inform you of any possible completeness and to arrange with you for a new delivery or the delivery of another product or the cancellation of the order without prejudice to both parties and the interest-free refund of any money you may have paid within a reasonable period of time.

When filling out your order you can choose to pick up from our store in Serres. In this case, the products you ordered will be reserved for you for 3 working days and you can come at any time and store hours to pick up your parcel. After this period, your order will be automatically cancelled. The address of the shop is 3o km of Serres - Thessaloniki, P.C. 621 00. We will contact you by phone for the day and time when your order will be ready for pickup.


6.1 Product replacement - Exchange

You have the right to return the product you received within 14 calendar days and request its replacement with another size or another product. We emphasize that the date of dispatch of the returned product is considered to be the date indicated by the courier on the receipt, for the purpose of checking the timeliness.

For returns within Greece (as in the case of a change) you will be charged the amount of the return.
For returns from abroad, the return costs are the responsibility of the person making the return.

In any case, the returned products must be in the condition in which they were received by the customer. This means:

They must be free of damage and their packaging must be those that normally accompany the product
They must be in excellent condition with their factory packaging (box or gelatine)
They must be accompanied by all the documents with which the product was delivered (e.g. Retail Receipt, Invoice, etc.).

If the above conditions are met, you are free to send it back to us for a replacement, after contacting our customer service department. Otherwise, we reserve the right to not accept the return.

The process of changing is simple and is always done by contacting us by phone at +30 23210 38550. In summary, the change procedure is as follows: You contact our customer service department at +30 23210 38550 to register your request, you send us the product to be changed, packed with EasyMail without any shipping costs. When we receive the product we check if it meets the above conditions. If it does, we send you the new product. The cost of shipping the new product is at your expense.

It is clarified that changes are always made at the current price of the product with the extra charge indicated above. In case the new product you choose has a lower price than the one you are returning, you are entitled to a discount voucher of a value equal to the difference. No refund will be given for the above case.

In the case of an order change that was made by pickup from the store, the change is made by phone and sent by us through our partner courier with a charge of 4.90 € which corresponds to the shipping costs of the product from us to you.

6.2 Return of defective products

In cases in which SPMOTORSPORTS.GR has been proven to be at fault for selling products of poor and defective quality or by mistake in receiving the order, in pricing, in shipping, damaged in transit, with poor packaging, etc., then SPMOTORSPORTS.GR assumes full responsibility for the replacement, the cost of return (in which case it will deposit the corresponding amount of costs in a bank account indicated), as well as the costs of reshipment.

In order to determine whether the product is defective, you must send us by email to spyros@spmotorsports.gr photos of the product, showing as detailed as possible the problem, in order to be checked by the competent department of the company. If you send us the product without following the above procedure you will be fully liable for all the costs of transporting the product in addition to any costs incurred and our company also reserves the right to refuse to accept the product. The conditions of return remain the same as those mentioned above.

6.3 Refusal of Acceptance

If you place an order, it is sent to you and you refuse to receive it, you will be charged the full shipping costs (Total shipping costs and return of the parcel).

6.4 Cancellation of order - Right of withdrawal

It is possible to cancel your order in the following cases:

Before shipping the product: Cancellation is possible by sending an e-mail to spyros@spmotorsports.gr or by calling +30 23210 38550 daily, Monday to Friday 09:00 - 19:00. In case the cancellation is made after the order has been sent, you will be charged the full shipping costs (Total shipping costs and return of the parcel).
After receipt of the product you can exercise your right of withdrawal within 14 calendar days from the day of receipt of the product. It is clarified that in order to proceed with the return of the product, the conditions mentioned about the damage of the returned products etc. must be met.

Within 14 calendar days from the day you received the product, you have the right to return it and get your money back. The refund is always made at the original purchase price of the product, minus all shipping costs (Total shipping and return shipping costs). Your money will be deposited within 14 working days from the time we receive the products to be returned and if they meet the requirements for returnable products.

In any case (including exchange), if you choose any other way to return the product you must first contact our company.


Both the company and the user-consumer are committed to the correct use and operation of the website in good faith and in accordance with the principles of good faith and commercial ethics.

In order for the access to SPMOTORSPORTS.GR to be correct and complete, the JavaScript language as well as the ability to receive cookies must be enabled in the browser. Also, you must have installed a version of Internet Explorer above 6 or a version of Mozilla Firefox above 3.5 or some other equivalent web browser version. We recommend using the latest versions of browsers as well as Adobe Flash Player to display additional graphics.

The user - consumer - member of SPMOTORSPORTS.GR acknowledges and accepts that in order to use some of the services of SPMOTORSPORTS.GR may need to download certain upgraded electronic software packages to his/her PC. The Company reserves the exclusive right, and the consumer unreservedly accepts it, to permanently or temporarily interrupt the operation of SPMOTORSPORTS.GR with or without notice to the users/members and visitors of SPMOTORSPORTS.GR.

In any case, the user - consumer - visitor - member undertakes the obligation and accepts that they will not use SPMOTORSPORTS.GR to send, publish, e-mail or otherwise transmit any content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, offensive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, obscene, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, obscene, obscene, or racially, ethnically or otherwise discriminatory, may cause harm to minors in any way, may not be transmitted in accordance with the law or contractual or management relationships (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information acquired or disclosed as part of employment relationships or covered by confidentiality agreements), infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any third party; contains software viruses or any other code, files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, destroy or equip the operation of any software or computer hardware; intentionally or unintentionally violates applicable Greek and EU legislation and its provisions; may harass third parties in any manner and any content of any kind; or

The company takes care daily for the correct and accurate publication of all information regarding the products it promotes and promotes from SPMOTORSPORTS.GR. Our company is not responsible for any errors in the operation of the online department store, in the information displayed and displayed (such as but not limited to the indicated price, availability, photo, type, etc.) that may be due to technological failures and errors, typographical and / or "human" errors and / or incorrect information from suppliers, even if negligently.

Please, in case you find any error before and/or after the completion of your order, please send us an e-mail to spyros@spmotorsports.gr and/or contact us at +30 23210 38550 . In any case, however, if you find an error, we invite you not to proceed with sending an order request before notifying our company to clarify the specific issue.

Our company's commercial strategy and pricing policy are fully in line with the provisions on the protection of competition. For this reason, the prices of products sold in SPMOTORSPORTS.GR may differ from other similar products sold in other points of sale, since our company occasionally makes product offers or other promotional actions whenever it deems necessary to achieve its business objectives.

Our company has the exclusive right to change the price of any product, at any time, without justification and without prior notice.


The entire content of SPMOTORSPORTS.GR is the intellectual property of the company and is protected by the relevant provisions of domestic and international legislation and international conventions on intellectual property. Indicatively mentioned are the texts, all kinds of files, trademarks/logos, the lay-out of SPMOTORSPORTS.GR, programs, photos, drawings, commercial and financial data, etc. The intellectual property of our company is not subject to the intellectual property rights of third parties, such as partners, cooperating institutions, etc. The copying, distribution, storage, reproduction, republication, transfer, processing, modification and any related action on the above-mentioned items is expressly prohibited in whole or in part without the express prior written consent of the company. Any actions contrary to the above prohibition may constitute an infringement of our company's intellectual/industrial property rights. The company expressly reserves all legal rights to claim any positive and consequential damage caused to it.

The company has the possibility of commercial exploitation (either by itself or by third parties) of all the data that appear on SPMOTORSPORTS.GR as well as the modification of these data at any time with or without prior notice to the users - consumers - members of SPMOTORSPORTS.GR, who unconditionally accept the above possibility of the company.



9.1 General Information

Through its website, SP MOTORSPORTS is able to collect the personal data it needs from you to create an individual account on its website, through which you can place orders or subscribe to the Newsletter. Our company is also able to collect the personal data it needs in order to fulfil your order if you choose not to create an account but to complete your order as a visitor. SP MOTORSPORTS also has the ability to collect the personal data it needs in order to send you a Newsletter if you are not a registered customer but have chosen to subscribe to the Newsletter via the subscription form. The personal data collected by our company are collected, processed, registered and stored confidentially by the Data Controller in accordance with the applicable provisions on personal data protection in Greece.The processing of personal data is in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679), any specific national and European legislation for certain sectors, the applicable Greek legislation on the protection of personal data.

Any personal data that may be collected will never be disclosed to third parties (except where provided by the Law and the Competent Authorities and as defined in paragraph 3.3 of this document), but their personal nature is preserved.

The company maintains electronic files with these data exclusively for communication, statistical and improvement of services and customer management.

2. Right of access, rectification, erasure and reversal of the procedure

You have the right, once you have created an account on our company's website, to access, correct or delete your personal information, as well as to refuse the processing of your data, by contacting our Data Controller at any time:

by email (email to spyros@spmotorsports.gr )
by phone Monday to Friday 09:00 - 19:00 (+30 23210 38550)

If you have placed an order as a visitor and you wish to process your personal information, you can contact our Data Controller at any time:

by email (email to spyros@spmotorsports.gr )
by phone Monday to Friday 09:00 - 19:00 (+30 23210 38550)

If you subscribed to the Newsletter through the subscription form, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link at the end of each Newsletter or request unsubscription by sending us an email at

In case you encounter problems regarding the above, you can contact our Data Controller using the contact details mentioned above. Minors can only access the website with the consent of their legal guardians or custodians.

9.3 Management of personal data by our company

9.3.1 Data collection methods

At the time of your registration on the website, we collect your personal information using the form available in the "Account" section. Our company collects your first name, last name, telephone number(s), address, postcode, city, country and email address in this way. In addition, you may be asked to provide us with additional information such as your gender, date of birth and product/service preferences. When you fill in your details on the order form on the "Order Process" page and once you click the "Complete Order" button, we collect the personal information you put on the form as set out in the Terms of Use. In this context, we collect your first name, last name, email address, your address (delivery and billing address, if different), city, postcode of your area and your telephone number (option to enter 2 telephone numbers). In case you complete your order but it is not delivered within 4 working days we will send you a help email so that we can resolve any problems related to the delivery of your order. When you fill in your details on the newsletter subscription form, we collect the personal information you put on the form. As part of this, we collect your email address. Finally, if you have subscribed, when you request to view pages on the website, the company's servers automatically recognize your computer's IP address (the numerical internet address assigned to each computer on a network. The IP address has the following format: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX). If you do not fill in the mandatory data, we will not be able to complete our transaction. We may receive your personal information from various sources. We may collect this information when you provide it in our store, on our website or on our social media platforms. When you visit this page, we also collect certain information by automated means, using technologies such as cookies, web server logs and web beacons. You can see more about these technologies on our Cookies Policy page.

9.3.2 Use of personal data

The personal information we collect from you each time you place an order is necessary for the overall management of your order by our company and its providers, additives. This management includes the detection of online fraud and fraud related to modern means of payment, the prevention and management of payment (non-payment) incidents and the maintenance of our company's rights in relation to its commercial activity. The personal data of orders are kept in our records for tax purposes for as long as the applicable tax provisions stipulate on a case-by-case basis. After this time they are automatically anonymized. The personal data that we collect from you when you create an account is necessary for your faster service when you place an order and for your personal use such as in order to view the orders you have placed. In addition, and in case you have chosen to subscribe to our newsletter, this data may be used to inform you about products and services provided by our company and its offers or promotions. This information is kept on file for 5 years unless you choose to unsubscribe. For the deletion/anonymization of your personal data of your orders, the retention period set by the applicable tax provisions must have elapsed on a case-by-case basis. If you choose to unsubscribe before this period, the personal data of your orders will not be deleted at that time but will be automatically anonymised after this period has elapsed. The personal data we collect from you when you subscribe to the newsletter through the registration form is necessary in order to inform you by email about commercial proposals regarding products or services, promotional or advertising activities and will be kept for 5 years unless you indicate your refusal, in the ways indicated in par. 2. We have the right to process the data we have in order to interpret the use of our website by visitors (frequency of viewing from various other websites, sales statistics and origin of visitors to our website, etc.). The data relating to the profile of our visitors will be kept only by your company as required by Greek law. SP MOTORSPORTS will not transfer or make available in any way your personal data and information to subsidiaries, third parties and commercial or business partners without your prior notification. In the event that our company is required by law or court order to communicate the personal data of its visitors, it will notify the visitor accordingly, if possible (unless your company believes that it is not required to do so). Considering the level of technology related to the telecommunications sector, our company cannot ensure the confidentiality, and the integrity of the authentication of the emails sent or received by the visitor from our company. We may finally use the information in other ways, of which we will provide specific notice at the time of collection.

9.3.3 Data recipients

All personal data is intended for use by SP MOTORSPORTS. With the exception of photographs, personal data collected from the website may occasionally be requested by our commercial partners in order to ensure that the above mentioned purpose is met, as well as to detect cases of fraud regarding payments and the management of Commercial Actions organised by the company or its commercial partners. The company limits the recipients as far as possible, in order to ensure adequate protection, in accordance with the applicable Greek and European legislation. Also, our company is obliged to transmit some of your personal information to partner companies, in order to send the products you have purchased to the shipping address you have provided us with (phone number, address and name of the recipient), to the service provider via sms to send messages about your order (mobile phone) to its accounting department or to contact you via email about your order (address, name and other payment details). SP MOTORSPORTS has included in its contracts with the above-mentioned partner companies the obligation on their part to use your personal data only for the operations described above in accordance with the legal provisions in force in each case by the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities.

9.3.4 Security and confidentiality of personal data

SP MOTORSPORTS has made significant efforts to take all precautionary measures to maintain the confidentiality and security of personal data and to prevent their distortion, damage, destruction and accessibility by unauthorized third parties. Technical and organisational security measures include state-of-the-art technology. However, the company cannot control the risk associated with the operation of the Internet and therefore draws your attention to the existence of potential risks related to its use and operation.

9.3.5 Information we collect through automated means

When you visit this page, we collect certain information through automated means, using technologies such as cookies, web server logs and web beacons. We may use third party web analytics services on this page, our social media pages, or our mobile applications. The service providers that manage these services use technologies such as cookies, web server logs, and web beacons to help us analyze how visitors use the site. The information collected through these means (including IP address) is disclosed to these service providers, who use the information to evaluate the use of the website.

9.4 Information we share

We do not sell or disclose any personal information we collect about you, except as described here. We may share your personal information with:

Our partners for the purposes described in the SP MOTORSPORTS Privacy Policy.
Service providers who provide services on our behalf based on our instructions. We do not authorize these providers to use or disclose the information except as necessary to provide services on our behalf or to comply with legal requirements. Examples of these service providers include entities that process credit card payments, process orders, and provide network hosting and advertising services.
Other third parties, known as "Service Providers" who are authorised by us to place third party cookies, web beacons and other technologies on our website.

These providers help us to improve our services either through the statistics they collect or through targeted advertisements based on the interests of our website users. These providers are subject to confidentiality agreements with us as well as other legal obligations regarding their collection or use of personal data. If you have accepted the use of cookies, third party cookies and similar technologies were likely placed by the following service providers.

In addition, we may disclose information about you (i) if we are required to do so by law or legal process, (ii) to law enforcement or other government officials, or (iii) when we believe disclosure is necessary or appropriate to prevent personal injury or economic loss, or in cooperation with an investigation of suspected or actual fraudulent or illegal activity. We also reserve the right to transfer the personal information we have about you in the event of a sale or transfer of all or part of our business or assets. Should such a sale or transfer occur, we will use reasonable efforts to direct the transferee to use the personal information you have provided to us in a manner consistent with our Privacy Policy. Following such a sale or transfer, you may contact the entity to which your personal information will be transferred with any questions about the processing of that information.

9.5 Your rights and choices

We offer you specific choices about the personal information we collect from you, such as how we use the information and how we communicate with you. To update your preferences, request that we remove your information from our mailing lists, or submit a request, please contact us as set forth below.

9.5.1 Not participating in emails (Email Opt-Out)

You may at any time tell us not to send you promotional communications by email, as referred to in paragraph 2 herein.

9.5.2 Withdrawal of consent

You may withdraw any consent you have given us or object at any time on legitimate grounds to the processing of your personal information. We will implement your preferences within a reasonable period of time. In some cases, withdrawing your consent to our use or disclosure of your personal information may mean that you will not be able to take advantage of some of our products or services.

9.5.3 Review, update and modification of Personal Data

Subject to applicable law, you may have the right to request access to and obtain details of the personal information we hold about you, to update and correct inaccuracies in your personal data, and to request that it be blocked or deleted, as appropriate. The right of access to personal information may be limited in some cases by local law requirements. You may request to review, change or delete your personal information as described in paragraph 2.

9.6 How we protect personal data.

We maintain appropriate administrative, technical and physical safeguards designed to protect the personal information you provide from accidental, unlawful or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure or use.

9.7 How to contact us

If you have any questions or comments about this or if you would like to update the information we have about you or your preferences, please contact our Data Controller at the details at the beginning of this document.

9.8 Cookies Policy

In this section we provide details about what cookies, web beacons and similar technologies are, what information we collect through them and how we use them to improve your experience.

What are cookies:

Like most sites, our eshop uses cookies, web beacons and similar technologies. These are small data files that are placed on your computer, mobile phone, tablet or other devices and allow us to collect specific pieces of information when you visit or interact with our site or our services.\ The names and types of cookies, web beacons and similar technologies we use to collect information (such as about the pages you visit, the links you click or other actions you take on our services or in our advertisements and emails) may sometimes be different from what we use to collect information about you. To help you better understand this policy and our use of such technologies, we provide the following definitions to help you better understand this policy and our use of such technologies:

Cookies: are small text files (usually consisting of letters and numbers) that are placed in the memory of your browser or device when you visit a site or view a message. There are different types of cookies such as. They allow us to link your actions when you go from link to link within our site. Persistent cookies. First-party cookies. Third-party cookies: placed by the site you are visiting on behalf of another site.

You can generally manage or disable cookies through tools available in all major browsers. For each browser you use you will need to set your cookie options individually for each one. Each browser may have different tools available to handle them.


Our company takes all necessary measures (data encryption, etc.) to ensure the seamless security of personal data and transactions. Customer data is not disclosed to third parties and while browsing the website remains encrypted and therefore not visible to unauthorized third parties. Encryption applies to all stages and all transaction and sending procedures of your personal data - data from and to SPMOTORSPORTS.GR such as indicatively in the shopping cart, the wish list, your personal page of registered user, the page of creating a registered user account, the order form, during the transfer of data to and from the company, etc.

The passwords used to identify you are: i) your Login (e-mail or username) and ii) your Personal Secret Security Code (password). Each time you enter them they provide you with access to your personal information in complete security. You may change the above passwords at any time and as often as you wish.

The only one who has access to your data is you through the above codes and you are solely responsible for maintaining their secrecy and concealment from third parties. In the event of loss or leakage you must notify us immediately. Our company is not responsible for the use of the secret code by an unauthorized person.

We recommend that, for security reasons, you change the above passwords at regular intervals and avoid using the same and easily detectable passwords, using not only letters and numbers but also symbols to create your passwords.


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The IP (Internet Protocol) address of the access computer

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our websites that you visit

the date and duration of the visit

browser type and browser settings

operating system

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